Hieght Check - Nov27 08

D is 100 Cm - at exactly 3 years 6 months

Lets see how tall she turns out to be

Photos from Kabini - had gone on 31st Oct 08
Anniversary of D's parents

Best quote from D - if you got married 7 years ago, what is to be done today ....
Aaaah priceless...

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D was insisting of going to a zoo for quite some time
So today we took her to the Bannergatta national park

The highlight was the grand safari, and since we made it early morning, we were able to waltz into the bus and got a great seat too :)
Here are some snaps from my camera, will check from others and post those too

On the ProwlWhat could be more majestic!!

White Tiger!!
Having Fun


There was a cool Butterfly park too :)

Cool Photo Aint it ? 2 butterflies in the frame

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Mishka from Bua Dolly from Dadi

Cycle from Big Bua Musical instruments from Ma and Pa

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Hey its been more than a month and Half since I last posted
But few posts coming up

Yesterday was D's Third birthday ( though her official recorded DOB is 27/05 , long story...... )
She got showered with gifts from her Dadi, Nani, Buas and the proud parents

D's preschool (Cherubs Montessori School) announced the completion of the year,
Its holidays for D
We also were invited for our first PT meeting (well the first on which we were in town, well etc)
Ds teacher was glowing in her references

  • D is friendly , speaks to all the kids, younger & older
  • D is the teachers pet, the teacher was misty eyed as D will be leaving this school after the 2 month summer camp
  • Is willing to learn, different stuff
  • Likes to pound sugar, and roll chappatis
  • She shared with us some of the work the teachers had done with D, the various paintings, art and craft etc-See below 4 of these, the rest are visible on the slide show running

Entry in D's school diary today

"D has well settled in class. She is working with cylinder blocks and pink tower. She can recognize big and small cube
She is very obedient in class. She is speaking in English. She is very happy working with the materials

Great aint it...

Lets hope that these are good signs for the future :)
Touch woood

Speaking of touch wood, as a child, I always used to see my Uncle touch wood, whenever speaking of his kids, now I can understand his state of mind

To appreciate your parents, you need to become a parent :) Truer words were never spoken!!!

Update on Ds admission
We had called in new year to DPS, and were told that D was not shortlisted
When asked why, they said based on "interaction" (remember this ...and see below later)

So yes we were bitterly disappointed , amazed, shocked.. etc etc etc

We decided to wait for another year and didn't take D to any other admission interaction

Out of the blue got a call from DPS last week inviting us to meet the principal, the coming Monday

We reached the school , even though D was running a little fever, the principal kept it short and sweet
D was being offered a seat, because she had done great in the interaction
Sweet!! and Double Yippee

Today I went and deposited the fees, next we need to go in April to get her uniform , stationary etc etc

Alls well that ends well :)

This week all of us, D, her mom, me were down with viral, kind of a family thing :)

Here is Ds dad score

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And her Moms score

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