D and I bought 3 more fishes, and we have a total of 5 now
Their names are

  • Whitey
  • Reddy
  • Blacky
  • Goldy -(motu / fatty )
  • Yellowie

Pretty intutive huh?

PS if you really are finding things to do to pass your time, you can feed the fish , click away :)

As mentioned earlier, D missed a week of school work , due to cold and allergies.
Now I never realized how much work can pile up, so D's mom and I to a little extent, started on mission catch up.
The plan was to see if she can complete the Classwork and Homework for last week , along with the home work for this week

Well we forgot to check with the principal protagonist - D :)
Needless to say her face was a lil less cheerful than the image above - but she pulled through (mostly) only a and d are pending

Update on D's Academics prowess as of now
  • Upper case writing is a breeze
  • Lower case - bring them on
  • Cursive - well we just got started and don't like them too much - especially the curly ones like e, a, d etc - but will get better by practice I am sure

D was supposed to have her first show and tell in LKG last week
Yours truly had created for her the first presentation
The plan was to color print them and laminate the 3 slides

The presentation was originally searched by D's mom in the form of a video
and was being taught to D

The topic was insects- and D being a fan of Pooh, Honey
Bees was the logical choice

As we all know, man proposes - God or illness disposes :(
D was sick that whole week -
so all that effort spent preparing for the show and tell just resulted in this post..small mercies

Well after the helter skelter of last week, both D and her mom are back to school and work this week, respectively

Thanks , to everyone , friends & family , who offered medicines and basically good advise :)

PS Yesterday was D's best friends 5th Bday
There is a strong possibility that D will join her in a dance class soon, as she followed suit for Abacus classes , will keep you posted

PPS my cycling continues :)

Well D's school shut down for last week, and re-opened this Monday
With the Principal's circular stating, please do not send kids with even mild symptoms of cold/cough/fever, D has been off for 3 days running with a lil cold

started on Nani medicine + other medicines
Lets hope she get better, as there was a show and tell planned for her tomorrow
Will upload her ppt :)
Also trying different backgrounds to each post

मेरे विचार से सबसे अच्छा गाया हुआ राष्ट्रीय गान |

मंगेशकर और रहमान शमा करें :)

We live at a stones throw from HSR Club, and about a KM away from BDA complex

HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Really love the place, quiet and peaceful, accessible from all places
Close to my and even closer to D mom's workplace

डी यहाँ पैदा हुई थी
Sankarambal Nursing Home, FM Cariappa Rd, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Marker A denotes the location of the Nursing home

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Incidentally, Ds big brother, my sisters son, Sid also was born here
So we followed suit
Dr Latha was the gynecologist for D's mom and really helped us