Closeup views :)

Water Wonder views
Photos taken at temple, Belur

Scenic Splendours

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We, along with friends had gone out for a weekend outing at Kalasa, Chikmagalur
The views were simply breathtaking and amazing snaps followed from 3 digital cameras, between the three of us around 1300 snaps were shot in 3 days...

Sharing the first batch of photos here

Wanted to try my hand at photography, read a couple of books and off I went to my neighborhood park
all of these are the initial attempts of an amateur photographer
Comments ?

D's Dushehra holidays started day before yesterday, so having a blast..
(above picture was colored by D @ school)

Dora is a hot favorite : Above is D's coloring of Dora and the one below is what D chose to dress Dora in on the nick junior website

Happy Onam

Wishing everyone a very happy Onam
D colored this at school today

Daily Question to D : What do you want to take for tiffin tomorrow
Constant Answer : Dosa

Yes , she takes dosa 5 days a week to school, eats it for break fast on weekends too :)

Asking for trouble - I asked her yesterday
Are you a Punjabi or a South Indian

She asked me what is a Punjabi - I told her one who hails / lives in Punjab
Then she said - who is a South Indian - I said one who hails / lives in the south of India, like Bangalore

Pat came the answer - But I too live in Bangalore
Question answered - True Blue - Bangalore child :)