Today is 31st Oct 09 - incidentally our (Ds parents) 8th Anniversary
Thank you for the wishes in advance :)

We had planed to go out for lunch rather than the traditional dinner , well that is till D refused to join us :(
Every Saturday - after her Abacus class she wants to go and visit her friends (B) place
usually she is the first to want to go to restaurants /eating out, but this time friend and the lure of playing proved stronger

At her friends appartment, they had arranged a Halloween party and D too joined them
Tatoos and paints courtsey B's mom

I went to collect D in the evening, and she actually was v glad to come running to my arms, turns out she was a lil frightened of a boy who was all dressed up
She did collect a bag full of sweets and candy :)

PS our lunch was good, though we missed D, we both each had a sizzling sizzler , was great...had to walk for an hour to walk off the food :)

D got her report card for LKG Ist Term , along with a lot of A+, there were a few B+ and 3Bs (writing, number quantity and peer interaction)

so for writing and number quantity we now put in work , whoever said schooling / trying to get kids to study was easy...

At her last parent teacher meeting the teacher had mentioned that she is only friends in class with one - Sakshi, who incidentally lives close by and they share the same bus too. The teacher said that despite us making both D and S sit seperately , these two then stand from where ever they are seated and start talking.. persistent...

When D asked about her report card, and when informed that teacher said more work required on writing and numbers, started crying.. we are v touchy...

D is a big fan of Shin Chan and wants to watch it back to back to back
(Even I like him :) )
Beneath all the naughtiness, there is some good hidden...

On our last visit to school , they had a book stall and D pounced upon a coloring book featuring, who else , Shin Chan

She has been hard at it, the first image is when she had patience and I guess its evident that by the end of second coloring session she was running out of it fast
and to think of it, her name is supposed to mean patience (HA!)

D came back from school super excited.
Called up her mom first thing, with help of Dadi (of course) and said

D: Thank u bolo mujhe ( Say thank u to me)
A: Why
D : I got your prize
A : For what
D : For your cooking, Madam gave me your prize

Her teacher had given her a prize for Sundays Non Fire Cooking

Yipeee to the power 10

Details once I reach home

PS turns out we won the third prize, D insists its first prize so we are going by that one

Ds class teacher had sent the note

There were 140 odd entries :)

D's School had organized a non fire cooking for the parents and kids today
So we landed there bright and early, carrying 2 bags filled with chopping boards, graters, peelers, knives, mixing bowls and loads of ingredients
This was after we (primarily D's mom ) having spent ages searching for something appealing to make

Following is the finished product, the bread is filled with yummy salad ( I can attest to the fact)

This drew rave reviews and comments and our creation was among the most photographed ones at school :)

Besides ours there were quite a few interesting ones that other parents had rustled up, and it was fun event overall

Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali

Being her 5th Diwali, D had much more awareness this time around
List of demands pretty specific
  • Barbie dolls as Diwali gift ( i think we can just replace the festival / occasion , keeping the gift constant)
  • ROCKETs..and loads of other crackers - no bombs though
  • Her favorite sweet - Kaju Katli

The day passed with D pestering her mom to get out of bed and make the rangoli , burning the crackers through the day and in the evening a quick pooja followed by further bursting crackers...

D's Mom was expecting that D will start using her things in about 10-12 years

Turns out D already has her eyes set ...
Being Diwali, D's mom dressed up in a Saree for office with the heels
Back home we realized that D had commandeered the heels and was strutting away happily...

At Karvachauth, D had taken exception to the fact that her mom put on nail polish but didnt allow D to do so

At that time , it was mutually agreed that D will get nail polish done on Diwali
So come diwali, D got her wish and was mighty pleased about it too

Diwali is round the corner and D was all excited to make sweets with her mom
So they decided to create Nariyal Barfi

Sorry don't have snaps for the finished products, errrr - it vanished pretty fast :)

D has recently really taken pains to keep the doll house in pristine order
she is very meticulous and ensures that its in order and dolls are in their designated spaces - per her wishes

can you count the # of dolls?

D got a double star :) for her writing of the U alphabet
I realize on a daily basis, The importance of encouragement to kids cannot be emphasized be it from parents and especially from teachers, who kids like D hold in very high esteem

Tried another template and after heavy customization like it better :), widgets are less cluttered and it uses the breadth of the screen
Pasting the snapshot of previous template for record

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Today is KavaChauth
D's mom had gone to get mehandi done on her hands, so Lil D being a girl and a very perspective one at that , also wanted to get mehandi on her hands
Below is the art work which her mom did on her hands

It was looking much better after it had dried and was washed :)
You can see a peacock on her right hand, the left one well....

Below pictures are the more professionally done hands of D's Mom

Update wrt Fishes

I had mentioned that we had 5 fishes in the aquarium
Now we are down to 4

Blacky was lying on the floor of the aquarium, and D was trying to get her to wake up to eat
D realized in a while that Blacky is no more, and big tears started rolling down her cheeks :(

I guess this would be among the first times she saw death...

Anyways on a slightly cheerful note, the hunt is ON to replace Blacky, but turns out that particular fish is not available
so D has kindly agreed to adjust to a gold fish, I think I will buy her a couple

D's friend has been going to dancing classes for some time and obviously D too wanted to join in.

Thankfully there were slots available now , and today was her first dance class

I was lucky enough to be back from office and saw the lil angels and a couple of young devils dance and have fun

2nd October, Holiday - we took D to Innovative film city
Was her 3rd trip there, but she enjoyed herself much more, due to newer rides and a room full of colorful balls, she had fun on the beach, star ship and the shark attack

It rained there and I was able to take a few cool snaps of flowers :)