D has been improving her coloring skills for some time now and this was what she did totally un supervised :)
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So we set out to get a "barbie" bag for D
First went to Forum's landmark , no luck , then to another couple of baby shops no luck
Finally went to Lifestyle and thankfully found a bag that fulfilled all requirements
  • Should be Pink
  • Have barbie
  • Have Princess

Then D wanted a toy, so she got Guess who and the butterfly shaped balloon

Yes, I was ranting about falling behind in the course work , so how come the Third post in a day..

Well friends its due to various factors

  • D woke me up at 7 AM ( I slept at 2AM) - and आज तो आ बैल मुझे मार हुआ | Had woken up at 7am to take a leak and thought it would be a good idea if D also does the same , so that she can sleep longer... HA!!! ( I guess I don't need to spell it out )
  • She always threatens me that
  • आप मुझे स्कूल वाले दिन उठाते हो और मॆं आपको छुट्टी वाले दिन उठओंगी (You wake me up on school days, I will wake you on Holidays) - and she carries out the threat every Sat / Sun
  • Her favorite line on weekends / holidays - Early mornings is
  • सुबह हो गयी क्या ? मुझे छुट्टी के दिन नींद नहीं आती ... unfortunately मुझे बहुत आती है :(
  • Avoidance - yes I have to study, but guess what blogging and writing about D is much more pleasurable than studying
Today we need to take D to get her a new school bag - The requirement from D is - IF I get a bag with both Princess and Barbie in the same bag - I will settle for one, else I will buy 2, one of princess and one of Barbie
And knowing how savvy the Barbie/Disney folks are - I believe I might end up buying 2 bags...

Oh well it is childrens day and I have only one to pamper (read spoil :) )

In India, 14th Nov - today is celebrated as Children's day.
This was the birthday of Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India.
Children used to call him Chacha Nehru, as he was very fond of kids and did a lot of work for the betterment of kids in India.
Come Friday - 13th, D was supposed to go to school dressed as Nehru -
White Kurta - Pajama, Topi and the Red rose (trademark of Nehru)
We managed to get one ready made kurta pajama, which was a size bigger, but the practical person in me advocated that next year it will come in handy too - hehehehe

I have deliberately morphed Ds face - I know am a little paranoid when it comes to D.

In class they also made this Rose out of clay, D's teacher helped and sure looks pretty

This whole week was fun filled , kids went dressed in colored clothing of their choice, no uniforms!!

Fun Week Highlights
• Magic show
• Messy play
• Puppet show
• Tattoo making
• Outdoor picnic
• Entertainment and party day

Go DPS, for making kids look forward to school

GuruPurab, the birthday of Guru Nanak ji was celebrated on 1st Nov 09
(yes this post is delayed - but have been too much stressed at work and I started another course , BugAdvocacy from AST - smart right :(, especially after the IIM course was done had said no more, no tests no exams - and guess what within 2 months am on another course - I guess I will never learn)

What I really like about the current curriculum of D is that the school ensures the kids are aware of all the festivals and by making them color the drawings, I feel they will learn much more and absorb more

Today 7th November is the 11 wedding anniversary of D's younger Bua.
Bantu Phupha is always pulling Ds leg that I want your Pink - Frock, Jacket, Doll etc (yes pink is omnipresent) and D gets all worked up because of that

So yesterday when we were out looking for the anniversary gifts, D came up with a priceless gem

D: Papa, I want to tell you something (पापा मॆं आपको कुछ कहना चाहती हूँ )
Me : Yes
D : Please get Phupha a pink shirt, so that he stops hankering after my stuff (फूफा को पिंक शर्ट ले कर दे दो, ताकि वोह मेरी चीज़ों को छोर्ड दें )

The way she said it , I was chuckling away for some time

PS Happy Anniversary Shalu Bua and Bantu Phupha

The Rajyotsava Day or Kannada Rajyotsava is celebrated on 1st November every year to commemorate the formation of State of Karnataka

Ds school celebrated the function today 11/2 , as 1st Nov was a Sunday
D too went dressed in the flag colors, Yellow T Shirt and Red Pants (ala Govinda ...)

D painted the flag with a lil help from her teacher and has placed it in her doll house