Well the day turned out ok, D and I went to Dominoes for a lunch all by ourselves :) It helps when your daughter mirrors your likes for food, and you get a treat, while taking her out for a treat :)


Barbie cake , second year running, though this time it was white in color

The cake was chocolate truffle and it was YUMMY!!
D all dressed up in her golden cap and face mask

Hard to believe that the bundle of joy that we were bestowed upon on 26th May 2005 is FIVE YEARS old..
I still remember it was pouring buckets that day in bangalore, I guess among the rainiest days in bangalore

Sharing an old photo of D, we had this enlarged and framed and Nanu / Nani have it mounted on the wall in Hisar


So today, D was up at 5am (she was, I wasnt) , and off to the park with Nanu , Nani for her "morning walk" (read swings)
came back and watched her favorite shows - oggy and the cockroaches (Ughhhhhhhh) and Mickey mouse club house,
trying to get her to bed so that she is fresh for the long day ahead

Have promised to take her to Saphire (a big toy store in bangalore) and she gets to pick what she wants..
will share photos of the party later
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In our family, especially D's Pop (me) and D's Dadi have Happy Tummies...thats D's way of politely saying that we have big bellies / tummies..
Only person designated with a sad tummy is her mom and now with Nana , Nani visiting they are added to the list

Now D calls her own tummy - as a smiley ( a lil happy) so is very eager to try out the exercises that Nani is teaching her
After learning the first set of exercises, off she went to dadi's room and told her, if you want sad tummy do these exercises otherwise your tummy will keep on getting happier
While Dadi was trying the exercises, D quickly changes the TV channel to her favorite cartoons and tells Dadi you exercise, I will watch TV
A real cute devil...

Replicating the post from MyOtherBlog , given the title of this blog is Butterfly :)

We had gone to the bannerghetta national park yesterday, and like D said looking at the crowd there
"Its a zoo of people"
Thankfully the butterfly park was less crowded with humans, but sadly the same was true for different butterflies...

Took some snaps, am not really thrilled with the output, but posting here still


Sitting Serenely









D is fond of long hair, and her ambition is to get her hair longer than her mom's

Today she got 8 chotis (braids) made


In the photo you can only see 6 :)
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D loves Tattoos and had requested these from her Nani when she had gone to US
every other day wants to have a tattoo on her arm


some times more than 1 per day :)
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