Taken by D, am looking quite dapper, even if I say so myslef
Landscape view taken by D, near Kabini
First Sunset by D ( I quite like the silhouettes)

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On our last weekend trip to Wayanad, D commandeered the older camer, Cannon A620 powershot and all snaps below are taken by her

Phantom Rock
We have now someone to take our group photos
D's favorite aunty, plays lots of T parties with her
Nice perspective

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Just had to reproduce this photo on this blog too, taken by Arvind while me and D were walking back from Eddakal caves. D managed to travel the whole distance with a little help without complaining once, I was so proud of her.

What I loved about this photograph was that both me and D are walking in step too :)

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I guess its apparent by now that D loves her dolls and specifically barbies

with her bday over, the collection got a boost and now its

The ladder was not enough to hold all of them :)

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All done by D , with color scheme being decided by her mom and D

I now have the same painting on my cabins display board, signed by the great artist

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On the way to drop D's Nanu, Nani to the railway station, D on her Nanus request told the following story

Once upon a time there was a lion, he had 3 cubs. Since the lion was getting old he was not able to hunt properly and was very hungry. One day he thought he will eat one of his cubs, but then thought How can I eat my child. So he kept on being hungry , got old and died one day

Moral of the story - as told by D (honest!!)
जब कुछ खाने को मिले , उसी टाइम खा लो !! (when you get something to eat, eat it right then~~)
Needless to say all of us in the car were rolling with laughter

D's masterpiece
For the ignorant the piece consists of
a) 1 sun
b) 2 blue clouds
c) 2 trees, different types
d) Flowers
e) Green grass....

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D's Nanu Nani had come over to Bangalore for her birthday and she and her Nanu connected like anything, keep on playing for hours and hours
some expert comments from D

  1. To Nanu folding some clothes and obviously not paying 100% attention to D (which is unacceptable right ? ) - नानू , नानी आप से सारा काम क्यों करवाती हैं ? ( Nanu , why does Nani make you do all the work ?)
  2. To Nani - आप तो सिर्फ दवाई बनाने मॆं interested हो 
  3. I told D - "You are my blue print".  D - "I am Pink print of Mummy, Yellow print of Nanu and Orange print of Nani"

I used to love playing with Lego, as a kid, i remember my dad had brought me a set from his deputation @ Libya through Border roads organization. So this year , on her 5th bday, we presented D a lego set

She quite enjoys it and with a little help , made this set, a house and two girls
The 'girl' on the left is D, skipping a rope and the girl on the right is supposed to be her best friend Bhavya
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