Conceptualized , drawn & colored by D all by herself

All courtesy D’s fascination with bubble baths..



D got a baking kit today, including this colorful apron and was baking cupcakes with panache …

Little Cook Makes CupCakes
Turned out well, she sold one for 5$ to her mom and one for 15$ to me .. we paid in kisses Smile

@Halloween 2011


Artwork created by D and her class for the pumpkin walk


Last weekend, D and I were waiting at the Grand Canyon rim for the others in the group to come back from the hike. so we ended up talking about different stuff and this is how the conversation panned out

D: what is the significance of Lions

Ans : to control population of deers etc in the forest

D: who eats lions

Ans  : hmm, I guess no one

D: I bet dragons would kill and eat lions

Ans : Dragons were long long ago

D: were they around when you were born

I have never felt that old……

D completed her Seahorse swimming level. Got a grading of all Mastered !

Plus she was the fastest and longest swimmer in her class. Coach recommended she skip one level and go to Turtle level directly


D all dressed up for her Picture day at school


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I missed posting this snap on the blog...well better late than never...
Incidentally, the bday wish list for 2012 is already overflowing and she asked me 2 days ago, how far away is my birthday..given the fact that bday was  2 months, 3 weeks ago- a bit of wait for D :)

D is into water colors and is enjoying herself
Todays masterpiece consisted of 3 paintings, which I have made a collage of here

Self Portrait by D : 
Drawn in Class  First Grade, Chandler

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Craft created by D and her Mom

The best bday card ever made :)

Report card day for D UKG- Class
And she has progressed really well, especially since mid term
Great credit to A, as she has always got her to focus on studying


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Message from D's mom to me - capturing this for posterity

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 1:44 AM, Arohika wrote:
Chunnu has raided ipad completely and is busy playing angry birds, colouring .. i am not getting it at all :-( as tatoo machine is without battery she could not use it...
but is really happy :-)
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Nanu, would easily be among D's most favorite person
and it shows....

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