After a lot of prodding and poking from a dear friend, here we enter the world of Blogs

The name of this blog carries a special significance as this is the nickname our princess calls herself
"I am a butterfly"
Guess we were lucky to get this name :) (Thanks to her mom )

The "plan" is to keep this updated and hopefully our princess can read this once she is an adult and follow her life through this blog

So here goes, today 4th Dec 07, we start of

Today realized how tough it is to get admissions in school and now recall all the stories of harassed parents had recounted in great detail
Well our endeavor to get D admitted to a "good" school started with her mom standing in the queue from 7:30 AM, turns out there are only 25 seats and more than 1K forms already rolled out by the school ( the return of investment on the form printing charges is awesome :) )

Lets see which school is kind enough (after taking hefty donations / fees) to admit our princess
Updates will follow

PS current mission in life

  • Loose Weight (have loads and loads to shed)
  • Send AKB to Ambala

Update on D
Current Favorites
Color Red and Pink (she is red)
Fruit Grapes
Favorite Toons - Noddy, Micky, Telletubbies, Ninja Hattori, perman
Best Friend - Mom and Dad (heheh)


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