Today is Xmas, 07 and along with Wishing D's great grandfather a very happy Bday, we learned that D's friend has come to this world today!
Well her chachi delivered :)
Saw her photo on mobile and she looks like a bundle of joy

D helped decorate the Xmas tree and baked some brownies with her bua

D is on her Xmas vacation and now wants to go to school :),
welcome change from her waking up and saying "School nahin jana :( "

She is waiting for the new year to go to school...
Time flies and another year is on its way out
Time to think about the year that was, and be in a contemplative frame of mind....

PS. Still waiting to hear from DPS (along with many other parents), hopefully new Year will bring good news in this regard

Ds contribution to the world of Art

Impressive Aint it!!
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15/12/07 :The day dawned with the terrible news that my dearest friends mother passed away last night. I think we can never come to terms with such a loss, nor can you figure out how to console someone who has just lost their loved ones

We finally took D for her first interview, ever, the firstest interview in her life - Please re note the date 15th Dec 07, Place : DPS EAST Bangalore

I think both A and me were a bundle of nerves, trying to bribe D to answer the questions posed to her. We were also hoping D didn't cry as the observation was sans parents, and you cant blame a 2.5 year old kid if she chooses to miss her parents :)

Her waiting number was 50, and I was encouraged to get this number, seemed a little lucky
The count down continued, 46,47 , 48 , 49 and then the call came
The teacher took D from us

We held our breaths and thankfully D didn't cry

She was taken to a class for observation,
Me and A were so tense, man don't think was this nervous even during my college Vivas (when we went for the exams without having much clue wrt the subject, hehe, and this is a honors student blogging :) )

What added to the nervousness was crying children coming out of the rooms, and some parents being informed that their child didn't go through

Whats baffling is how can the school judge a 2.5 year, but don't think there is any other option they have

Anyways, D came back walking hand in hand with the teacher, no tears ( a good sign)

We were so anxious till the teacher said that we should expect a call next week
We were over the moon and D's wishes were my command, she too enjoyed the attention
but refuses to tell her what she was asked about , what little she told it was wrt colors , which she said she knew everything

D had done her bit and now its up to us,
My sis says it shouldn't be too big a deal as the kid was accepted,
Lets see....

Was happily zipping around on my bike enroute to office and surprise -2 , got a call from DPS that D should come on 15th for the observation
This was the 3rd school we had applied to and both of us (A and me) are keen on D getting admission there for more reasons than one

I guess i was as excited at just getting the call as maybe when I had got my first interview call

Now lets see what happens on Saturday

PS In all my excitement got confused whether they had called us on Saturday or Friday
I guess its Saturday as A called DPS

Well lets hope its Saturday :)
Fingers crossed

Submitted the school forms today, D has her first interview on 15th , or in school terms "observation"
Man a 2.5 year old being quizzed!!

Anyways we will see if are "lucky" enough to enroll her this year, otherwise there is always next year!

After a lot of prodding and poking from a dear friend, here we enter the world of Blogs

The name of this blog carries a special significance as this is the nickname our princess calls herself
"I am a butterfly"
Guess we were lucky to get this name :) (Thanks to her mom )

The "plan" is to keep this updated and hopefully our princess can read this once she is an adult and follow her life through this blog

So here goes, today 4th Dec 07, we start of

Today realized how tough it is to get admissions in school and now recall all the stories of harassed parents had recounted in great detail
Well our endeavor to get D admitted to a "good" school started with her mom standing in the queue from 7:30 AM, turns out there are only 25 seats and more than 1K forms already rolled out by the school ( the return of investment on the form printing charges is awesome :) )

Lets see which school is kind enough (after taking hefty donations / fees) to admit our princess
Updates will follow

PS current mission in life

  • Loose Weight (have loads and loads to shed)
  • Send AKB to Ambala

Update on D
Current Favorites
Color Red and Pink (she is red)
Fruit Grapes
Favorite Toons - Noddy, Micky, Telletubbies, Ninja Hattori, perman
Best Friend - Mom and Dad (heheh)