Yesterday went to Lalbagh, at dawn ON A SUNDAY...had a couple of hours before D woke up and called me to say she wants to join
So I did the next best thing, on the way back home , got her favorite mini tiffin from Adiyar bhavan packed...

The above photos were taken in a burst mode and I thought a collage would look good, thoughts ?

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Lohri is a festival celebrated in the north india to mark the passing of winter
As a kid in Ludhiana, Punjab, this was a day to look forward to as the whole city used to stop their usual chores and spend the day flying kites. The sky would look like it was infested with bees, and kites would be everywhere...

Today is Pongal and a holiday for all of us, D got a star and a good for her coloring yesterday at school - mighty thrilled

In bangalore not much of Lohri celebrations, though we were happy to get Rewari and moongfulli yesterday

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D is a big fan of stickers and all her stickers go on her wardrobe

After a lot of prodding from my friend I finally have got around to document

Scene 1 :Before Xmas

  • Me : What have you asked from santa फॉर xmas
  • D: Barbie doll
  • Me: OK
  • D: पापा, अगर santa Barbie doll ला रहा है, तो आप लोग क्या गिफ्ट दे रहे हो ?

Scene 2 :Xmas at School
  • D: Today our madam came dressed as Santa
  • Me: Who knows it may have been the real santa...
  • D: कभी santa भी चूरियां पहनता है क्या???
Scene 3 : Coming home from office, D waiting for me
  • First day : D: lets play - lets play
  • Me: let me drink some water and then I will play

  • Second day same time : D: on seeing me, haven't removed my laptop, helmet- hands me her water bottle and says drink this and PLAY
  • Me: let me drink some