15/12/07 :The day dawned with the terrible news that my dearest friends mother passed away last night. I think we can never come to terms with such a loss, nor can you figure out how to console someone who has just lost their loved ones

We finally took D for her first interview, ever, the firstest interview in her life - Please re note the date 15th Dec 07, Place : DPS EAST Bangalore

I think both A and me were a bundle of nerves, trying to bribe D to answer the questions posed to her. We were also hoping D didn't cry as the observation was sans parents, and you cant blame a 2.5 year old kid if she chooses to miss her parents :)

Her waiting number was 50, and I was encouraged to get this number, seemed a little lucky
The count down continued, 46,47 , 48 , 49 and then the call came
The teacher took D from us

We held our breaths and thankfully D didn't cry

She was taken to a class for observation,
Me and A were so tense, man don't think was this nervous even during my college Vivas (when we went for the exams without having much clue wrt the subject, hehe, and this is a honors student blogging :) )

What added to the nervousness was crying children coming out of the rooms, and some parents being informed that their child didn't go through

Whats baffling is how can the school judge a 2.5 year, but don't think there is any other option they have

Anyways, D came back walking hand in hand with the teacher, no tears ( a good sign)

We were so anxious till the teacher said that we should expect a call next week
We were over the moon and D's wishes were my command, she too enjoyed the attention
but refuses to tell her what she was asked about , what little she told it was wrt colors , which she said she knew everything

D had done her bit and now its up to us,
My sis says it shouldn't be too big a deal as the kid was accepted,
Lets see....


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