Update on Ds admission
We had called in new year to DPS, and were told that D was not shortlisted
When asked why, they said based on "interaction" (remember this ...and see below later)

So yes we were bitterly disappointed , amazed, shocked.. etc etc etc

We decided to wait for another year and didn't take D to any other admission interaction

Out of the blue got a call from DPS last week inviting us to meet the principal, the coming Monday

We reached the school , even though D was running a little fever, the principal kept it short and sweet
D was being offered a seat, because she had done great in the interaction
Sweet!! and Double Yippee

Today I went and deposited the fees, next we need to go in April to get her uniform , stationary etc etc

Alls well that ends well :)

This week all of us, D, her mom, me were down with viral, kind of a family thing :)


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