Today is 31st Oct 09 - incidentally our (Ds parents) 8th Anniversary
Thank you for the wishes in advance :)

We had planed to go out for lunch rather than the traditional dinner , well that is till D refused to join us :(
Every Saturday - after her Abacus class she wants to go and visit her friends (B) place
usually she is the first to want to go to restaurants /eating out, but this time friend and the lure of playing proved stronger

At her friends appartment, they had arranged a Halloween party and D too joined them
Tatoos and paints courtsey B's mom

I went to collect D in the evening, and she actually was v glad to come running to my arms, turns out she was a lil frightened of a boy who was all dressed up
She did collect a bag full of sweets and candy :)

PS our lunch was good, though we missed D, we both each had a sizzling sizzler , was great...had to walk for an hour to walk off the food :)


  1. MM said...
    happy anniversary!! :)
    n D looks lovely!!
    Pooja said...
    Hey Happy anniversary, belated though. Sorry we missed it.
    Lohit Verma said...
    Tx Pooja
    We had called you that day too :)
    Pooja said...
    Hi Lohit, yes I was thinking abt that yesterday and I do remember that you had called Dhawal and he was here. Sorry once again :(
    Will do utmost to remember next time ;)
    Lohit Verma said...
    Hey, I was just pulling your leg, and I guess succeeded too well

    Dont worry, I dont even remember when your anniversary is , we are even :)

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