D's School had organized a non fire cooking for the parents and kids today
So we landed there bright and early, carrying 2 bags filled with chopping boards, graters, peelers, knives, mixing bowls and loads of ingredients
This was after we (primarily D's mom ) having spent ages searching for something appealing to make

Following is the finished product, the bread is filled with yummy salad ( I can attest to the fact)

This drew rave reviews and comments and our creation was among the most photographed ones at school :)

Besides ours there were quite a few interesting ones that other parents had rustled up, and it was fun event overall


  1. MM said...
    Wonderful!! :)
    Looks really bright and appitizing... real cool!! who won???
    Lohit Verma said...
    Dont know...we were in the PTA when they announced :(
    by the time we came back, folks were feasting on our creation
    thankfully were able to retrieve enough to have lunch
    Yummie one at that :)
    Lohit Verma said...
    Guess what turns out we did win a prize

    D came back from school , super excited and called up her mom ...
    MM said...
    way to go ji! way to go!! i'm following that food site too :) really creative na?? n party kidhar hai???
    Pooja said...
    aye haye.. kya baat hai. Aru, tusi great ho ji ! Keep it up !
    And next time when i am in blr i will have this marvellous creation for breakfast (this is called self invitation) ;-)
    mb said...
    Congratulation, look really great. mus be yummy too

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