Today 7th November is the 11 wedding anniversary of D's younger Bua.
Bantu Phupha is always pulling Ds leg that I want your Pink - Frock, Jacket, Doll etc (yes pink is omnipresent) and D gets all worked up because of that

So yesterday when we were out looking for the anniversary gifts, D came up with a priceless gem

D: Papa, I want to tell you something (पापा मॆं आपको कुछ कहना चाहती हूँ )
Me : Yes
D : Please get Phupha a pink shirt, so that he stops hankering after my stuff (फूफा को पिंक शर्ट ले कर दे दो, ताकि वोह मेरी चीज़ों को छोर्ड दें )

The way she said it , I was chuckling away for some time

PS Happy Anniversary Shalu Bua and Bantu Phupha


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