After a lot of prodding from my friend I finally have got around to document

Scene 1 :Before Xmas

  • Me : What have you asked from santa फॉर xmas
  • D: Barbie doll
  • Me: OK
  • D: पापा, अगर santa Barbie doll ला रहा है, तो आप लोग क्या गिफ्ट दे रहे हो ?

Scene 2 :Xmas at School
  • D: Today our madam came dressed as Santa
  • Me: Who knows it may have been the real santa...
  • D: कभी santa भी चूरियां पहनता है क्या???
Scene 3 : Coming home from office, D waiting for me
  • First day : D: lets play - lets play
  • Me: let me drink some water and then I will play

  • Second day same time : D: on seeing me, haven't removed my laptop, helmet- hands me her water bottle and says drink this and PLAY
  • Me: let me drink some

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  1. MindfulMeanderer said...
    Yay!! Now that made me smile... a LOT!! :) D is 1 smart kid!

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