Lohri is a festival celebrated in the north india to mark the passing of winter
As a kid in Ludhiana, Punjab, this was a day to look forward to as the whole city used to stop their usual chores and spend the day flying kites. The sky would look like it was infested with bees, and kites would be everywhere...

Today is Pongal and a holiday for all of us, D got a star and a good for her coloring yesterday at school - mighty thrilled

In bangalore not much of Lohri celebrations, though we were happy to get Rewari and moongfulli yesterday

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  1. the petersons said...
    Hi, I came to your site through blogadda, and really like it. I love the moving butterflies at the top as well as the colors and layout. I hope you have time to come to my site.
    My blog follows me and my family as we live in China.
    Lohit Verma said...
    Thank you, yes I do plan to visit your blogs very soon

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