Blogging after quite some time..
D's dadi had a hear attack and had to get an angioplasty done, one her arteries was blocked
D's eldest Bua was in India and were planning to come over to Bangalore around 25th Jan but due to the above came over a couple of days earlier
D was really looking forward to their visit, besides the fun of playing with her cousins who are ~16 and ~10, the most important aspect was that she did not go to school at all on their last trip ..this time around also she missed a lot of school but we did send her on Fridays to ensure she gets the weekly update and also thankfully her class photograph for LKG was to be done on a Friday, she made it to that too
(was very happy to report that she was asked to sit in the middle of front row :) )

Above coloring done in great detail by D herself choosing the colors
The boys face is in black color as D does not like boys (Yet, and lets see how long that lasts .. I worry even now) ..

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  1. MindfulMeanderer said...
    Hope ur mom is recovering well now. let me know if its ok to drop by.
    Ohhh class pic sounds like fun! :) Do share it. n LOL at the boy's face painted black.

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