D's Nanu Nani had come over to Bangalore for her birthday and she and her Nanu connected like anything, keep on playing for hours and hours
some expert comments from D

  1. To Nanu folding some clothes and obviously not paying 100% attention to D (which is unacceptable right ? ) - नानू , नानी आप से सारा काम क्यों करवाती हैं ? ( Nanu , why does Nani make you do all the work ?)
  2. To Nani - आप तो सिर्फ दवाई बनाने मॆं interested हो 
  3. I told D - "You are my blue print".  D - "I am Pink print of Mummy, Yellow print of Nanu and Orange print of Nani"

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  1. MindfulMeanderer said...
    haha. I loved the pink print, yellow print wala the most. How smart!!! :)

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