D is really into clay modeling and makes sure that the whole family participates too
Of the 6 "mermaids" were 3 were made by D, 1 by me, 1 by D's mom and 1 by Ds Dadi (my mother)
Guess which ones is which

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  1. MindfulMeanderer said...
    pink with blue hair is D, u n ur mom r green / red.. not sure. D's mom is
    yellow. purple nana & light orange nani??
    Very cute family :)
    Lohit Verma said...
    you didnt read the content
    3 were made by D (nana , nani not in town) Pink, Purple and Yellow
    I made the one with Green hair, the thickness of the hair should have been a give away :)
    My mom Red
    D Mom Green

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