D and I bought 3 more fishes, and we have a total of 5 now
Their names are

  • Whitey
  • Reddy
  • Blacky
  • Goldy -(motu / fatty )
  • Yellowie

Pretty intutive huh?

PS if you really are finding things to do to pass your time, you can feed the fish , click away :)


  1. Shruti said...
    haha! very innovative names! :) trust a kid to come up with the most apt ones! loved the fatty 1. n the fishes on ur blog are wayyyyyyyy too addictive!.. i'm going to show it to lil p today.
    Lohit Verma said...
    http://abowman.com/google-modules/fish/ is where this gadget is located
    Lohit Verma said...
    Just noticed that the fishes follow the cursor :)

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