As mentioned earlier, D missed a week of school work , due to cold and allergies.
Now I never realized how much work can pile up, so D's mom and I to a little extent, started on mission catch up.
The plan was to see if she can complete the Classwork and Homework for last week , along with the home work for this week

Well we forgot to check with the principal protagonist - D :)
Needless to say her face was a lil less cheerful than the image above - but she pulled through (mostly) only a and d are pending

Update on D's Academics prowess as of now
  • Upper case writing is a breeze
  • Lower case - bring them on
  • Cursive - well we just got started and don't like them too much - especially the curly ones like e, a, d etc - but will get better by practice I am sure

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  1. Shruti said...
    :) very sure i'll see u post within a week that cursive was a brezze too!

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