D was supposed to have her first show and tell in LKG last week
Yours truly had created for her the first presentation
The plan was to color print them and laminate the 3 slides

The presentation was originally searched by D's mom in the form of a video
and was being taught to D

The topic was insects- and D being a fan of Pooh, Honey
Bees was the logical choice

As we all know, man proposes - God or illness disposes :(
D was sick that whole week -
so all that effort spent preparing for the show and tell just resulted in this post..small mercies


  1. Shruti said...
    Very beautiful collection. so colorful! U shud print it n keep it :) .. so what if the show n tell did not happen.
    Lohit Verma said...
    The original post had a typo stating that it was a show and tell for UKG, well D is in LKG, corrected the post

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