D's friend has been going to dancing classes for some time and obviously D too wanted to join in.

Thankfully there were slots available now , and today was her first dance class

I was lucky enough to be back from office and saw the lil angels and a couple of young devils dance and have fun


  1. Shruti said...
    what r the timings?? n do they take kids lil p's age??
    Lohit Verma said...
    Mon & Wed - 5PM
    Not sure about age as D was among youngest, but I guess the instructor would not have problems
    Pooja said...
    btw which dance has D enrolled for? Is it on a movie song or just some exercising steps may be to start with :)
    Lohit Verma said...
    It was her first class, so they did start with a lil exercises, running around, stretching

    Later the instructor started the class on a song - diwali based :)
    Taurgo said...
    "lil angels and a couple of young devils". That was thoughtful.

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