Update wrt Fishes

I had mentioned that we had 5 fishes in the aquarium
Now we are down to 4

Blacky was lying on the floor of the aquarium, and D was trying to get her to wake up to eat
D realized in a while that Blacky is no more, and big tears started rolling down her cheeks :(

I guess this would be among the first times she saw death...

Anyways on a slightly cheerful note, the hunt is ON to replace Blacky, but turns out that particular fish is not available
so D has kindly agreed to adjust to a gold fish, I think I will buy her a couple


  1. Shruti said...
    awwwww... it is sad.. i dropped the idea of having fishes at home cos the thought of them dying on me was terrifying.
    Lohit Verma said...
    Update 2
    Got her 2 black fishes yesterday, and when I was putting them in the tank, realized another fish was belly up
    so the count stays at 5
    Thankfully D did not notice that and I was able to extract the fish without her knowing

    Touch wood, the original gold fish and the small red fish we had are still going strong, and D monitors them the most

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